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Expose yourself

Of course socks are a functional garment, but over the years the appearance of our socks is at least as important as the quality. The way we dress became more and more a way to express ourselves. To distinguish ourselves. Especially socks give us the possibility to show others a glimpse of our true selves. Because even when we are dressed according to (employers and branch) guidelines or just the way we are ‘supposed’ to dress appropriate, socks are there to peep put under our business suit and whisper; ‘psst, look over here, this is who I really am.’ Exactly that’s why XPOOOS is here on earth, to give you that opportunity to show off your true self. To expose yourself.

At XPOOOS we design and create stylish, contemporary socks. They’re expressive and distinctive. Our socks tell something about the people who wear them.

To design sock collections for both men and women that continues to surprise, we have elevated sock design to a veritable art form, hence The Art of Socks. Characteristic collections, distinctive designs and quirky combinations, as well as more subdued and subtle masterpieces, brought to you as the ultimate in high-end socks. All meticulously made from high-quality materials.