XPOOOS donates a pair of socks to elderly for every order

Social distancing
Most of us found a way to coop with that, one way or the other. Unfortunately some of us are forced to stay home because they have a higher risk for severe illness, these people are even more limited. Elderly for example, and especially elderly who live in nursing homes. An even more lonely time for those who possibly already are more lonely than others.

Let us stand together
Because we are all in this together, we have to take care of each other! That’s why XPOOOS wants to bring some positive vibes and give some extra love to elderly living in a nursing home.

Stay home with XPOOOS and brighten up the day of elderly
The idea is simple: XPOOOS donates a pair of ‘feel good socks’ to eldery in a nursing home for every order. You stay home with your favorite pair of XPOOOS and you brighten up the day of a loneley elder. It’s that simple!

The details
To make sure the donated socks will reach their rightful new owners, XPOOOS will deliver them in person at a nursing home in the Netherlands. Of course we’ll make sure to do so in a safe way.

XPOOOS will continue to donate socks as long as elderly living in nursing homes are restricted and not allowed to welcome visitors or to leave the nursing home.

Stay healthy. Stay home with XPOOOS.

Any questions or cool ideas? Feel free to contact us: [email protected]